Ford integrates cognitive psychotherapy, proven to be effective for the treatment of depression, self-esteem, personality disorders and behavioral excesses (addictions and anger), with a philosophy that reflects his deep seated belief in the resiliency of the human spirit. His clients find that self-discovery can be a wonderfully healing and invigorating experience. When you are ready to end the suffering and unhappiness please call for a free consultation (708) 271-2864.

Ford is a trained marriage counselor, who fascilitates couples healing each other through empathic communication. His clients come to discover and appreciate the hidden motivations behind their greivences with one another. He also teaches couples a communication style that transforms the relationship, engendering understanding, compassion and love.

Teaching moms and dads how to comunicate effectively with one another often has miraculous effect on the entire family especially with teens who are having difficulty negotiating the turmoil of adolescence.
Getting The Love You Want. Harville Hendrix

Undoing Depression.
Richard O'Connor

Kids Are Worth It.
Barbara Coloroso
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Many times my clients contact me with deeply personal or troubling issuses. I understand it can be difficult talking about these topics over the phone to a complete stranger. This is why I invite you to come to the privacy and comfort of my office, free of charge, so we can meet and I can get acquainted with your dilema.
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The one we love reveals the contours of our heart.
Ortega Y Gasset
Ford Willoughby MA, LCPC
is a psychotherapist whose specialties include:
Marriage Counseling
Adult Psychotherapy
Adolescent Psychotherapy
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My Philosophy
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Marriage Counseling
Ford Andersen Willoughby MA, LCPC.
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Education & Experience
My Philosophy
Marriage Counseling